2017 Could Be Your Year: Teleclasses Coming Soon!

There you are. In an elevator. In a grocery store line. On the sidelines of a kid’s soccer field. Someone turns to you and asks, “So, what do you do?” What do you say? Do their eyes light up or glaze over? If they glaze over, I can help with that.

And what do you say at a networking meeting when you have only 30 seconds to tell people in the group what you do? They will “ding” you exactly at the 30-second mark, so every word counts. Some groups will give you sixty seconds, but even then, no “ums” or “ahs” will do. The response you want after your commercial is, “I think I need you.” You also need a 10 or 20-minute speech to present your products or services in the best light. You will also get this amount of time at your business meeting, Chamber of Commerce meeting, or on the TED Talk stage.

Okay, that year is over. Now it’s another chance for a fresh start. Do you know you can do better with speaking?

My philosophy is “Build it, and they will come.” When you have a dynamite speech about your business, opportunities will present themselves. You will be asked to speak. My goal is to get you so excited about your speech that you can hardly wait to do it. I want you to be as excited about speaking about your business as you are about your business.

My clients this past year are now really excited about speaking about their business. Here’s a sample of a grateful email I received:

“Thank you, Mimi, for your expertise and clarity in working with me to craft my speech. The process is enlightening on many levels, and it was FUN the whole time!  Love that I have an outline for my one-sheet and a professional ‘introduction’ as well. Your package is delightfully complete.”

This baby boomer is going kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Yes, I’m exploring how and when to launch my teleclass series. I will be offering my complete program to a few people at a time, so that each of my clients has an individual experience from the comfort of their own homes and offices! I’m thrilled to finally be able to offer my expertise to those outside of the SoCal zip codes! Stay tuned; I’ll keep you posted.


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