2nd Row in Zumba Class

Zumba Class

Just had a birthday. I love my birthday. I love the whole month of February. It’s when I take stock of my life – - where I stand in the scheme of things. This time, I understand what Dad meant, “It’s all about quality of life.” So, I am thrilled at my quality of life. I live by “Age is just a number – - as long as I’m in the 2nd row in Zumba class.”

Age Is Just a Number is the title of a book by Dara Torres, the 12-Time Olympic Medalist. At 41, she was the oldest swimmer to earn a place on the U.S. Olympics team. I can identify – - being at least 15 years older than anyone in my Zumba class – - and in my spin class! So that’s pretty great.

Here’s another: “Age is just a number, if you can do the electric slide with 20 other women business owners at the NAWBO-OC holiday party.” And another one: “Age is just a number if you can sing at the top of your lungs in the car to the soundtrack of Hamilton.”

There are three aspects of the feminine nature:
• the Maiden – - and I’m still the playful one, delighting in wonder.
• the Mother – - always the loving nurturer.
• the Crone – - not a pretty name, but it is the wise woman within, the teacher.

And I’m enjoying that one now. I claim my teacher aspect. I can verbalize what clients can expect from me and the standard I will live up to. I help you choose the words you love to say to potential customers and clients. I help you own your voice so people are drawn to you.

Please call me for your complimentary 30-minute call, to see how I can help you. And have a lovely February.

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