Do You Have A Blackberry Addiction, Too?

I wasn’t sure if this “Blackberry Addiction” thing was for real…then I got my first smart phone only a few weeks ago, and I can’t stop checking it for emails. . .oy vay. . .yes, I love the convenience of not going to the hotel Business Center on business trips, and swiping a credit card for $10 for 10 minutes or whatever, but wow! I found myself taking it into the BATHROOM in my house the other day! This has to stop.

Okay, the test: I leave for Maui tomorrow and not for business—a true 5-day vacation for the first time in a long while. . .
Will I be able to stop? Probably not. I learned 26 years ago, when I started this business (then called Mimi Schwied Associates :-) ) that it was my baby—constant care 24/7 . . .but I will promise this:

I am NOT carrying it around—to the beach, on hikes, etc. I will swear to checking it maximum 3 times. . .maybe 4. . .times a day. PERIOD. And you know me: when I make a commitment, oh yeah baby—no question I will keep it.

So ALOHA till next Wednesday, the 8th—no blogging either. Unless I find the most super-amazing sea shell on the beach in all my years since I was 3. . .then, maybe I’ll tell you about it. Otherwise, fingernails off those cute little letter buttons. . .sigh. . .


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