ESPN Inspiration – Why Anything Is Possible!

Yes, the economy is turning around—but not fast enough.  Most of us are still going through a difficult time with cash flow.  Things are better, but still not as good as two years ago.  I’m still hearing from my clients how “not possible” things are:

“This sales quota is not possible!”

“This task is not possible in this amount of time”

“This client is NOT POSSIBLE!!”

So I say, watch ESPN Sports Center.  Each day they choose the “10 Top Plays” from the day before:  10 very difficult accomplishments within the sports contests of the day.  I tell audiences, “If I were to describe these plays to you, and you never actually saw them, you would say, ‘NOT POSSIBLE.”  And yet, the athletes made them possible, and executed them!!”

We can get a clue from these athletes who never give up, who find ways to win despite great odds (my Lakers excluded—sob–) and we can get inspired.  Every day, you can see for yourself, that NOTHING is impossible.  We need this to get through this time.  Agree?


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