A Female Motivational Speaker’s Perspective: Women, You Will LOVE The NFL Hall of Fame!

As a female motivational speaker, and avid football lover, I am SO excited for the NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.  They will be televised, live, this Saturday, August 6 on ESPN and NFL Network.  I suggest TIVOing it to watch later, so you can savor every emotional moment.  That’s what I intend to do.

It’s my favorite event of the NFL—the inductees’ favorite event as well.  The measurement or main criterion to be voted in, is “Could the history of the NFL be written without mentioning this person?”  If the answer is “no,” chances are great you will be voted into the Hall of Fame by your peers.

Now, the thing I love is the acknowledgement—the recognition that the inductees give to every person who contributed to them on their way up.  It’s emotional, tearful, and makes me love these modern-day warriors more than ever.  You see, women move each other to tears every day—it’s fun for us.  At women’s conferences where I am the speaker, I see this recognition and emotion throughout the conference!  Especially at the end, if the conference planner is moved to tears by all the hard work her team did to make this all possible, and if she moves the team AND the conference participants to tears , well, THAT’S the sign of a successful conference.

I’ve noticed men “roast” each other, all in good fun, and the victim, er, honoree of the roast, takes it like a good sport.  Men cut each other down, when they love each other.  One of the earliest pro football coaches, Hank Stram, called his players “rats”—a name of affection.

Women are much too serious for that.  Because we connect everything, we can’t shake it off as well.  Men can compartmentalize the kidding, and move on.  No right or wrong here—just different strokes for different folks.  So here comes the NFL Hall of Fame—NO roasting here.  That’s why I love it.  Just pure love, without the kidding.

So, if you’re like my sister, who says she likes “sports movies WAAAAAY more than sports,” you will love the NFL Hall of Fame.  It’s like a movie:  the lives of the men are the plots, and this is their happy and moving ending—the ultimate reward, the recognition they’ve worked for their whole lives.  Aaaahhhh, so satisfying.


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3 Responses to A Female Motivational Speaker’s Perspective: Women, You Will LOVE The NFL Hall of Fame!

  1. Mimi, I love your insights and perspective. “Men can compartmentalize the kidding, and move on”… My husband would proudly scream out “YES!” to that statement. The takeaway for me is that you must talk in terms that your audience will relate to. Different strokes for different folks, indeed! Thank you for a fantastic post.
    Kimberly Bordonaro recently posted..Don’t Call It A Comeback: Repositioning Your Brand to Keep Up with Trends

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