It’s All About Momentum


So, we enjoyed my Super Bowl/birthday party at my sister’s house this past Sunday, as usual in my family.  I took notes during the game for this blog post.  My brother kept saying it’s about momentum.  I was thinking during the first quarter that it was about time of possession.  But my brother insisted, “No, it’s about momentum.  The game changes in a moment – that’s why they call it momentum.”  So, of course, I had to look up the word “momentum” in the dictionary.  It’s a driving force or impetus.  The concept is that a moving body that keeps moving tends to maintain the velocity and overcome resistance.  In other words, one move forward will motivate another move forward with even more force, or, nothing succeeds like success.

Momentum surely played a role in the Super Bowl-winning Giants getting to the Super Bowl.  They won the final two games of the season to make the playoffs.  Momentum!  Then they won three consecutive playoff games to earn a trip back to the Super Bowl. Momentum!

So how do we use momentum to have our businesses come back and win for us?  I say, move something forward, and complete one thing, so you have that satisfaction, which will drive you to complete something else.  And don’t be picky!  I know I preach to do your A priorities before your C priorities.  However, divide one of your A priorities into doable steps, and complete one step.  Motivated by this lesson, I demonstrated it this morning in my office.  I noticed a manila folder labeled “Raves” full of letters I had received in 2011 from various people who had been in my audiences.  To generate more business, I need to be able to share those quotes from people in a specific industry with new prospects from that industry.  So entering them into computer files was one thing I needed to do.  We need to be able to attach them to marketing letters.  This was a priority that my assistant and I could actually complete!  Momentum!   It gave me increased motivation to actually write the letters and make the phone calls that will help me reach my monetary goals this year.  And you don’t have to do everything at once.  We are patting ourselves on the back today, and we will make those calls tomorrow. We all have more of a chance to actually do it if you commit to someone else.  After all, the eleven members of each on-field team commits to each other.  Momentum and motivation!


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