It’s Not About Your “Stuff”

I moved apartments last week. Stressful. Moving. Right up there on the Holmes-Rahe stress scale, along with death and divorce. But I found it a very cleansing experience, with a major insight about speaking to grow your business.

When you move, you have things you must keep and things you can discard or donate. I’ve been cleaning out for the past six months. Yes, I was a good discarder, getting rid of things that I had moved from place to place for 20 years, but could no longer remember why they were so important. “Why am I moving this? I don’t even remember where I got it.”

Then it came time to unpack in my new home. I have so many family photos and photos of myself at various ages. They had been in my living room and dining room and everywhere! I realized I could now relegate those personal photos to the bedroom and bathroom. I resolved to reserve the public areas for art. People aren’t as interested as I am (if at all) in my family history in photos. And people aren’t as interested in your story as you are, except as it applies to them and what you can do for them. That’s why when we craft your perfect marketing speech, your “Why Story” is the next to last step, before the call to action.

The first question in your listener’s mind when you get up to speak is “Why should I listen to you? What’s in it for me?” I say, Lead With the Need. It’s like leading your guests into your living room where some lovely artwork is on display. Perhaps they can identify with something in your living room. The few people who gain admittance to your bedroom, hopefully, will be interested in you and your family.

During the packing and unpacking process, I engaged the services of a fabulous professional organizer. She opened my eyes to the things that were not necessary for my existence or happiness. She used the theory of holding an object and asking myself, “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is no, you discard or donate. I would never have been able to do this myself. And maybe, that’s how you feel about a marketing speech. Some of my clients find it difficult to let go of wordy stories that may not be of interest to their audiences. Some find it difficult to brag on their past accomplishments without me sitting with them and cheering them on. I am so looking forward to being your cheerleader! Together, we will find the words to light your fire about your business, and in turn, light the fire under your potential clients!


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