It’s Your Birthday — Take Stock!

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I haven’t always loved my birthday. When I was 5 years old, the cruel Chicago winter got in my way. The Mayor issued a traveler’s advisory and my party was canceled. The next February, the same thing happened. My mom suggested a half-birthday party in August – in the yard – with Japanese lanterns. It was glorious!

Now, I love my birthday. I love the whole month of February, actually. It’s when I take stock of my life – where I stand in the scheme of things. And I measure how close to my goals I came in the year since my last birthday.

In the last year, I did meet my two biggest goals! First, I completed the transition from a “keynoter who coaches” to a “speech coach who keynotes.” And I’m loving every minute of it! My “why” story has evolved: I lived for the bright lights of the keynote stage. Now what lights my fire are the bright lights in my clients’ eyes when we’re working together to create their speech. And I can articulate my values, thanks to Tiffany Scott, Branding Expert. They are: #1 Honesty – a safe space to express truth openly and honestly. #2 Truth – assist your connection with your inner knowledge. #3 Fun – encourage humor to find the funny. #4 Spirit – contribute to fulfilling your highest potential.

So now I claim my promise to my clients. I can verbalize what they can expect from me and the standard I will live up to. I assist you to find your voice and claim your values through your words. On an emotional level, I help you own your voice so people are drawn to you. On a content level, I help you love what you say to potential customers and clients.

Leaders are remembered for how they impact people. I hope my legacy will be one of contribution and the expression of my values of honesty, truth, fun, and spirit.

And I completed my second goal: to write a book containing all my knowledge on how to create a speech that is “Pitch Perfect!” It’s due to be published March 1st, and I invite you to get a free chapter today!


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