Leadership Lessons: Peyton Manning Inspires Again!

When it comes to leadership lessons, Peyton, Peyton—you’ve done it again—you’ve inspired me!  I dedicated my book Necessary Roughness to you, because you inspired the first words, “The intention to get to a certain place makes you unstoppable.”  That was in week 5 of the 2008 season, when you were unstoppable, and led your Colts team to get to that certain place called, “victory,” when you were down by 17 points, with  little more than 2 minutes left in the game.

And now, you gave up the ego trip of being the highest-paid player in the NFL, so the team could hire back some key players. . .I know, you’re taking $90 million instead of $92—big sacrifice—but it’s the LEADERSHIP I admire.

You created “cash room” to hire others.  You also used the words “responsible” and “accountable” at the press conference, and it’s refreshing.  The other thing that’s refreshing about you, Mr. Manning, is playing your whole career with one team, and this 5-year contract means you will loyally retire where you started.  Sigh. . .how often does that happen these days?  I love it; I’m corny and I love it.

Speaking of corny and I love it, the HALL OF FAME induction ceremony is this Saturday!!  I especially urge the ladies who think football is “too rough” to watch and enjoy.  It’s the most emotional moment in the NFL, when seven men receive the ultimate honor, and the camera shows their families and high school coaches and everyone they thank, and everyone, including the biggest, toughest man, cries real tears!  Sigh. . .more on that later this week, but please, mark your calendars for Saturday.


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