No Resolutions – - Just Do It!

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When someone you want to have lunch with says, “Let’s have lunch sometime,” do you say, “Yes, let’s,” and leave it at that?

Or do you get out your calendar? I get out my calendar and I schedule it. PLAN is not a 4-letter word. Most things get done because they are scheduled. Ask a busy person? Yes. They get it done because they don’t wait until they have some free time. They will fit it in.

You can schedule something or you can put it off. Putting it off is procrastination, and that word has been given a bad rap. Definition: “To put off intentionally and habitually.” This means you meant to put it off, and you put it off more than once.

Procrastination is not the word of a helpless victim; yet we use it to feel that way. We beat ourselves up for procrastinating. However, when we look at it truthfully, we must admit that the thing we procrastinate is usually something we don’t want to do. Two actions are possible:

• Cross it off your list and stop thinking you “should” do it.

• Or…delegate it.

But what if it’s important to do it? What if it’s a priority? Break the task down into smaller, doable tasks and do those. Reward yourself after each one. For some of us, drawing a line through it is satisfying enough; others must promise themselves a coffee break. Be a proud procrastinator of the unimportant, unloved tasks. Put them off and stop beating yourself up about it. But if it’s something you want to do – - just do it.

Don’t take an extra step of making a resolution. Just get out your calendar, schedule it and do it! Make it happen now.

And you know what I’m going to say next: If this is the year you speak to grow your business, call me to schedule your 30-minute complimentary value discovery call. You get value and we discover if we are a match.

Remember: When you master your time, you master your life.


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