In Sports And Business, Stephen A. Smith Brings ENERGY!!! Mimi’s Tip Of The Day

I’m always looking for connections with business and sports. Today on First Take, the ESPN TV sports show I start my every day with— guest sports commentator, Stephen A. Smith debated regular contributor Skip Bayless—and the viewership and feedback went through the roof! WHY? Smith brought extra energy to the debate!

When I speak about business communication, the 5 channels of energy I coach people who speak in any profession—well, Stephen A. has them DOWN!! His eyes connect with energy, his voice has strength, variety, his hands are busy illustrating his points, but never distracting, his body is leaning forward and back, full of energy, and his feet? Well, I don’t know about his feet, because both debaters are sitting down, but I’m sure his feet are tapping with energy! Skip Bayless has tremendous energy as well—every day.

Energy is the single most important quality of speaking in public. Actually, to me, it’s the difference between a person who connects with people and one who doesn’t. When you speak in a monotone, low voice, no eye contact, it communicates, “I couldn’t care less about you. Why bother expending energy?” So there’s your lesson, folks—in business and sports—you need to BRING IT every time—and the “IT” is energy. You’ve got it—use it! “Your energy is your inventory” I tell audiences. “Use it wisely. Don’t squander it on other people’s priorities, but do bring it to your own.”

Have a great holiday weekend!


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