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Speaking Can Grow Your Business


This morning I spoke to NAWBO-LA, women business owners.  My subject was The Business of Speaking:  Crafting Your Perfect Pitch.   As a professional public speaker with a star-studded track record, I have delivered speeches to audiences of thousands with huge … Continue reading

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Sports: The Only True Meritocracy


The NBA Finals were truly exciting and gratifying to watch.  Both teams really played “team.”  They passed the ball many times before the player with the best (unimpeded) “look” took the shot to make the basket.  (How do you like … Continue reading

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Do You Inspire TRUST in Those Around You?

Denver Broncos v Minnesota Vikings

Is TRUST an issue in your workplace?  Is it an issue at home?  What can you do to rebuild it with your significant people?  Or build it in the first place? My presentations on this subject have been well received … Continue reading

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