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Since everyone else is talking Tebow, let’s talk about the other game:  the one that inspired me to tell a group of California Women Business Owners (the actual name of the group) to cut out the defeatist attitude if business is not what it used to be.

Wild Card Playoff game last weekend:  New York Giants vs. Atlanta Falcons.  For three straight hours—the duration of the game, the Falcons were behind in score, and did not look like they had a chance.  The only score they ended up getting was a “safety”—2 points–when the other Quarterback made a mistake in the Falcons’ end zone (that’s really all you need to know).  Can you imagine?  Playing FULL OUT—100%–for three arduous hours, while you cannot score, and the other team is killing you?  It would be like your worst client meeting, where you did NOT make the sale,  while the other team is screaming how inept you are, and the whole thing is being televised—in HD yet—to the whole world, and millions of people are watching you FAIL.

I wrote notes during the game on the heart it takes, the will, the determination.  I was impressed and inspired.  I was also grateful I wasn’t out there on the Gridiron as a Falcon.  They had to endure even more shame after the game, as one sportscaster said, “The Giants were in total control, spanking the Atlanta Falcons.”  (Men do NOT want to be spanked in front of millions of people.)

I told the Women Business Owners last night at my speech that our biggest obstacle to our financial success during this economy may be US!  It may be that little negative voice in the back of our head that never shuts up, that feeds us messages, such as “This year is SO bad compared to two years ago;” “I hate working so hard for less money;” “Other people are making more money than I am– I’m SUCH a loser!”  The fact is we MUST shut off that little voice.  When you hear it, thank the little voice for SHARING…And move on!  Several women came up to me after the speech to tell me they wrote that sentence down in their notes, and they will thank their little voice for sharing!


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