Who Are Your Cheerleaders?

Mimi Cheering

You know how we are so excited when we start our businesses? So much enthusiasm – we will set the world on fire! After the initial hoopla, what keeps us fired up? Who keeps you committed to your game? Who reminds you of your passion?

I’m in a clean-up mode in my home office. Donating books that no longer “spark joy.” Discarding workshop handouts on dot matrix. Who needs books on management techniques from the 80s – unless it’s Drucker or Bennis or Senge…. sigh….. some things are harder to part with.

The biggest plastic bin, I have labeled “Memoirs.” And the photo of me as a cheerleader for Richwoods High School is priceless. (I’m in the second row from the bottom on the right.) So it got me thinking about how relevant cheerleaders are today.

Think about your cheerleaders. The first ones were your family. They embodied the true meaning of a leader who cheers. They cheered you on as you took your first step, so you would take the second and the third. They yelled, “Good job!” when you grasped your bottle and brought it to your mouth. And your first Lego tower brought wild applause.

These days, you have a network of colleagues and friends and coworkers who cheer for you. They connect with you on a “I want you to make it – I’m there for you” level. They are the people you root for, too! These people can be mentors who relate to you on a “been there, done that” basis.

Then, there are your professional cheerleaders. We pay for those people, because they have training and expertise and credentials to back them up. They have years of experience cheerleading people. They use their skills and expertise to help you market yourself and keep you accountable. They recognize your fears and self-imposed limitations, and help you break through to the space of confidence. You usually hire someone for this level of commitment, professionalism, and devotion to your mission.

I’ve been a cheerleader all my life – for managers and employees, celebrities and entrepreneurs. I would love to be your cheerleader and help you craft your perfect marketing pitch. Please call me for a 40-minute complimentary phone call to see if we are a match.

One of my most ardent cheerleaders provided some of the content of this article. Thank you, Victoria Wilk (WealthandWisdomFinancialGroup.com). You are a brilliant advisor on money management and quite a strategic thinker.


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